Impetigo Photos

A gallery of impetigo pictures.
Impetigo Photos

       In the very rare cases in which impetigo has gotten out of control and the impetigo symptoms pictures are useless in trying to identify the disease, the attending physicians should check out other impetigo symptoms that the patient might have. These rare signs of impetigo are easily mistaken as belonging to any other serious illness out there, but often, their cause is none other than this skin disease gone wild.

Rare impetigo symptoms

       Among these weird, but pretty telling, symptoms, a dermatologist can find:

  • Hematuria (blood in the urine): this is just one of the nasty complications of the bacteria entering the patients' bloodstream. The changing color of the urine should alert the patient immediately and lead him or her to seeking medical attention at once.
  • Swelling of the face, nose and extremities: this is generated by the fact that your body cannot eliminate salt properly, thus retaining water. The process of eliminating salt is tied chemically to the perfect composition of your blood. So, once your blood is disrupted by bacteria, the swelling starts.

Impetigo photos

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Impetigo treatment scheme

       If you take a close look at these impetigo treatment pictures, you might notice that the treatment scheme contains the following:

  • A topical antibiotic: when applied properly, twice a day, for about two to three days, the topical antibiotic kills the guilty bacterium or stops the spread of the infection. If after the course of treatment, the infected area has not modified or seems worse, than the diagnostic is wrong or the treatment scheme has to be modified.
  • An oral antibiotic: in the case of bullous impetigo, in its early stage, a topical antibiotic is not recommended. This is when the oral antibiotic comes into play. Taken once every six hours or twice a day, the antibiotic should kill just enough of the pathogen agents so as for the sacks to rupture and dry out. When the pustules are gone and the dots remain, the topical antibiotic can do its job. Also, an oral antibiotic is used when impetigo affects children because the little ones cannot be convinced not to scratch the affected areas.
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       Also part of the treatment scheme are cleanliness (which inhibits the growth of the bacteria) and not sharing clothes with an infected person.